Terms & Conditions | PaperHelp.co
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Terms & Conditions

Upon access to this website, the following terms and conditions will apply. No one is excluded from the terms and conditions of this website and anyone who accesses the site will have to accept and abide by the laid out terms and conditions. 


Upon access to our website and use of services, you will be accepting that:

A – All the relevant information shared with the PaperHelp.co, is accurate and updated

B – You are either 18 or above to ensure that you are legally applicable to get involved in legal transactions on your own

C –Availing our help and assistance does not in any way violate any form of laws or regulations that the government or your school/college/university expects you to abide by

If you are found in the violation of any of the above mentioned eligibilitycriteria, there may be actions taken against you, such as the cancellation of any help that you may have requested for and future ban from availing services.