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Our Privacy Policy

Information from Browsers

            Upon access of this website, we will collect general information using common internet technologies, such as cookies. We will primarily collect the location of access and other basic information to keep a track of the website traffic in order to improve and personalize future website experience. Further information could include browser type, reference site, date and time of access, etc. However, a personal identifying information such as IP address may also be collected.



            We collect this information to understand the dynamics of our website in a better way, such as the type of traffic it is getting and the preferences of our potential students.


Information upon placing an order

            If you request for assistance on your essay, we may require some general and basic personal details. It may include, name of the student and email address so that the student and our designated professor could coordinate and share relevant information. However, it may even be possible that if you wish to share additional personal information for better communication process and have customized assistance to your queries. Additional personal information may include contact number and academic level which would help the professor and student coordinate better and quickly while providing assistance based on the defined academic level.


Why do we need Personal Information?

  • To basically identify each student as different and cater to their queries accordingly
  • To ensure that better coordination and communication is possible between the student and the professor
  • To create a personalized profile of the student to better facilitate and assist the student in the queries for future
  • To ensure that every time a student needs help, does not have to visit the site again as a stranger


How do we protect information we collect?

            We ensure that extensive protective measures are taken with regards to the information collected and the process of collection, from any sort of breach. To be certain of this, we have based our website over the terms of the PCI, making it PCI compliant. Moreover, we understand that malware and viruses are everywhere and going past them is real luck. Thus, we ensure that our website and the processes of data collection receive regular updates, changes and even malware scans. To further improve the security dynamics of our website, our website has an SSL certificate and uses it to ensure that all the information being shared over the website is secured through a layered encryption.